Project Consulting Services

Project Consulting Services

We are well known for providing best consultancy in the fields of exploration, development, management, and evaluation using most advanced scientific techniques, and analytical tools like Geo-stats, GIS, remote sensing etc.

We provide complete water solutions and consultancy for projects related to set up of small water bodies like wells and ponds. The projects undergone are related to complete setup of these water bodies that also includes development of aquifers, water treatment for reuse, evaluation of aquifers and other groundwater resources, assessment of quality of groundwater through geophysical studies, analytical studies through Remote Sensing and Aerial photographs, Geo-technical, Hydro-geological, Geo-physical and Geo-chemical investigations, pipelines networking, monitoring, surveillance etc.

Other services we offer

Consultation regarding the guidelines, procedure and compilation of documents for obtaining the CGWA NOC.

Preparation and submission of online applications to the concerned authorities.

Preparation of the technical presentations for technical bidding

Preparation of technical reports on the basis of Hydro-geology report provided by the client.

Appraise the Rainwater Harvesting and artificial recharge system in accordance to statutory guidelines.

Suggestions for modification and additional rain water harvest system, if required.

Why DV Water Harvesters Company

We use most advanced technology and best aquatic management practices to preserve water resources in their original state. We work beyond to make the ponds look good. Our work includes cleansing, creation and management of ponds safely following all required regulations and guidelines of the government.

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